You can probably guess what happened just after this picture was taken

This picture of an angry lion was captured by Atif Saeed just seconds before it attacked, the photographer has revealed.

Saeed, a nature photographer, wanted to show "the character and the status" of a lion - so he went to a safari park in Lahore, Pakistan. "I was sitting in front of him just near my car and the door of my car was open. I was sat on ground few feet away, so he was treating me like his prey," he told the Daily Mail.

After Saeed took the picture, he jumped back into his car to safety. "The lion aggressively jumped towards me and I just about scrambled into my car," he said. "Now when I think back about the incident I don’t think I would be able to do it again. It was a pretty close encounter."

Picture credit: Atif Saeed

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