YouTuber called 'tone deaf' for her comment on overcoming depression

YouTuber called 'tone deaf' for her comment on overcoming depression
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Gabbie Hanna

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna is facing a backlash online after posting a video on TikTok claiming that taking up new hobbies can cure people of their depression.

Hanna told her 7.3million TikTok followers that new interests like jet-skiing and rug-making means they’ll "never be sad again”.

She said in the clip, which was posted earlier this month: "Listen up, this advice is about to change your life. This tip is not just for overcoming depression.

“It's going to get you excited to wake up every day."

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The content creator went on to say: "You're sitting there depressed. You've never gotten on a jet ski, and you want to? You got nothing to live for. You've never jumped on a plane. You're sitting there like, 'I don't wanna live,' and you've never parasailed and you want to parasail? Go parasail.”

The video hasn’t exactly had the desired effect, though, with many people taking to the comments section to voice criticism of the clip.


LIFE CHANGING TIP to overcome depression FOREVER #mentalhealth #AFairShotWithBlock #hobbies

“So I can be sad about not being able to afford the hobby instead,” one said.

“U know that doesn’t work on top of money its about it time… if i work 12 hrs the last thing i wanna do is do a hobby. You have the ability and access,” another said.

One more said: “Would love to ‘get a hobby’ but unfortunately i’ve “got to pay my bills” and have to work 16 hours a day.”

"Would love to 'get a hobby' but unfortunately I've 'got to pay my bills' and have to work 16 hours a day," another said, with the TikTok creator replying to the comment in person.

Hanna said: “Damn sis you got time to watch and comment on TikToks but you can't learn an instrument or how to knit? That's a you choice my friend."

Hanna previously spoke about her own mental health on the Check Your Head podcast last year, saying that she was forced to take a break from social media due to negative comments she’d received.

While she first became known for her videos on Vine back in 2013, Hanna had one of her biggest videos back in 2019 when she successfully fooled millions of Instagram followers into thinking she’d spent Easter frolicking around at Coachella.

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