This doll of Emma Watson as Belle is breaking the internet

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Picture: William Herrington/Screengrab/Twitter

Tale as old as time: when your action figure looks nothing like you.

Emma Watson is set to play Belle, the lead in a live action adaptation of fairytale Beauty and the Beast.

The film is set for global release in March 2017, and, as per usual, a series of collectible toys has been created to accompany the film.

One doll of Watson/Belle available from American store JC Penney has delighted the internet, for all the wrong reasons.

Doll collector William Herrington posted this on image sharing website Flickr.

JCP's Belle


Is that?

Oh my.

He wasn't the only person to spot the likeness.





Maybe this all one big bit of immersive storytelling - we all mock the doll for being beastly (or Biebstly) when what matters is its personality.

Maybe WE'RE the monsters?

Nah, this isn't Black Mirror.

That doll is messed up.

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