British politics reimagined as Game of Thrones

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What if the political parties and their leaders were reimagined as houses and lords from Game of Thrones?

What if indeed…

Tonight the leaders of the seven biggest parties in Britain go head to head for the one and only pre-election debate of its kind.

But today also marks 11 days until season five of Game of Thrones airs in the UK.

To appeal to people who are excited about both of these things, design company Moo decided to give the seven party leaders a Westeros makeover, and reimagine them as leaders of a noble house.

Welcome, to Westminsteros…

House Cameron


The tree and colour scheme don’t suggest it, but this is a Lannister-esque sigil for David Cameron and the Conservatives. “A Tory always pays his debts.” Chilling.

House Miliband


The party’s rose and Ed Miliband’s leadership battle with brother David take centre stage in the Labour sigil. House words of “Brothers in arms” suggests more internecine struggles to come, however.

House Clegg


The bird of liberty soars towards a distant crown on a field of yellow in House Clegg, always the kingmakers, never the kings (sorry, Nick).

House Farage


In all likelihood the Freys of Westminster (or South Thanet), House Farage just wants to introduce a points-based system for new arrivals from Essos. “Close the Gates!” scream the House words.

House Bennett


Congratulations to the Greens, who have been granted the most iconic House motto, adapted for their own purpose: “Spring is coming.” Natalie Bennett will just hope she has more luck than Ned Stark ever did.

House Sturgeon


“The Queen beyond the Wall” is the description of SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, who will be a fresh face for much of the TV audience in England tonight.

House Wood


Perhaps the most impressive sigil is granted to Leanne Wood - the Mother of Dragons - and Plaid Cymru. Yes, that is a dragon with the tail of a daffodil. Dracarys!

All that remains is to see how the seven leaders get on with their own Game of Thrones at the debate tonight…

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