Donald Trump used the term ‘Easy D’ and the internet is relentlessly mocking him

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Picture: Andrew Harrer / Pool / Getty Images

Donald Trump decided to vent his frustrations at the legal roadblocks preventing him implementing an immigration ban on Muslim-majority countries the only way he knew how... Twitter.

At present, the great American system of checks and measures in politics are underway - to ensure that the ban is constitutional and legal.

Unfortunately for Trump, he used a very interesting choice of words to voice his distaste.

He tweeted:

Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!


And he’s given the internet an absolute field day.

Rather than trying to decode what Trump actually meant, they went straight to this:




Even Grindr got in on the action:


Some saw the positives:




Others despaired:


And some interpreted things a bit differently:




What a terrifying thought. 


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