This man is the latest Maybelline ambassador

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Picture: Manny Gutierrez / Instagram

This is Manny Gutierrez. (Yes, he does look fabulous).


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He’s a beauty vlogger and YouTube star, who has also racked up three million followers on Instagram.


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He became obsessed with makeup as a young boy, telling Teen Vogue:

As a child, I would watch my mom get ready for work and just sit there for hours watching her transform. However, it wasn’t until much later on that I really started to dabble in makeup myself.

Manny has now just become the first-ever male ambassador for make-up brand Maybelline.


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He appears alongside fellow beauty star Shayla Mitchell in the campaign for Big Shot Mascara by Colossal.


A photo posted by 🌙Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733) on


Manny follows James Charles, who last year became CoverGirl’s first male ambassador. 


Picture: CoverGirl


Fans are excited.


He even got a shoutout from Nicki Minaj.




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