One Direction fans ask of poppies: what are those little red flowers?

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Louis Tomlinson of One Direction wearing a poppy, or a red flower as some fans would call it.

Today in depressing news, several One Direction fans were confused by the "red flowers" the band sported during their appearance on the X Factor yesterday. By red flowers they meant, of course, poppies to honour the war dead. And lest we forget, yesterday was remembrance Sunday.

A brief search for "wearing red flowers" on Twitter showed up questions like these (note we have only embedded tweets where the account holders have fake names to avoid further embarrassment).

This is of course not the first time One Direction fans have been confused about world events - a number did not know who Margaret Thatcher was after Harry Styles tweeted a tribute to the former prime minister following her death in April 2013.

As Digital Spy noted at the time, one asked "is he your friend?" and another said "may he rest in peace. Amen."

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