Police dogs bite police trying to arrest anti-Trump protestors

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When police in New Haven, Connecticut tried to arrest protestors at an anti-Trump march, they ended up with some of their four-legged colleagues turning on them.

On 4 February, around 200 protestors gathered in downtown New Haven to march against Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico, and his executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The New Haven Independent reports that State police with dogs became involved when the march stopped traffic on a major road. According to a police arrest report, the protest was obstructing an ambulance trying to get a patient to hospital.

After about half an hour the protestors returned to city roads.

Police then attempted to arrest veteran protester Norman Clement, one of the organisers the march who had been directing the crowd using a loudspeaker.

Clement tried to run, though his lawyer claims he did so because a police dog lunged at him. He was eventually taken into custody, along with another protestor who became involved in the incident.

According to New Haven Assistant Police Chief Tony Reyes, during all this, the police dogs got “rambunctious,” and bit two city officers and one state officer.

The three policemen suffered minor injuries.

“Multiple” reviews have now been launched to investigate the incident.

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