This extremely cynical, sweary woman questions why refugees really want to come to britain anyway

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A police officer uses pepper spray on people near Calais (Picture: Getty)

While thousands have marched the streets, hundreds of thousands more have signed petitions and football supporters across the country have raised banners, there are still many people who oppose welcoming refugees to Britain.

Some believe that those who have travelled to Europe are doing so for economic reasons, while others fear that terrorists are posing as refugees in order to gain entry.

Perhaps in response to this negative sentiment, one woman has taken to the internet in one very cynical, very (very) sweary rant to answer the question of why people really want to seek asylum in Britain.

Writing a post on Tumblr, which has since been widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, this woman perhaps nails the crux of the issue in her very last line:

Warning: Some swearing

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