A badass 86-year-old was arrested for spray painting anti-war graffiti


An 86-year-old woman has been arrested after spray-painting on a billboard surrounding the Swiss National Bank in Bern.

The pacifist Group for a Switzerland without an Army has launched an initiative hoping to ban Swiss funding going to any company that produces arms, including the Swiss National Bank.

Louise Schnneider decided to mark the launch of the initiative by spray-painting “money for weapons kills” on a billboard surrounding the bank as it undergoes renovations.

And then, she was arrested.

Youniss Mussa, political secretary of group said Louise Schneider was released unharmed after the incident.

Shneider is the group’s oldest activist, according to Blick.

She said:

I would do it again right away, because the National Bank invests in arms business. That must finally stop.

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