Twitter can't get enough of this teenager who shut down a homophobic family member

A teenage girl's family argument about coming out as gay has gone more than a little bit viral.

After being called a 'fagg-t' during a fight with her aunt, Twitter user Charlie took to Twitter to vent - and was surprised to find the family altercation getting traction around the world.

Charlie continued to reveal what else happened during the spat, and things went from bad to worse - coming to a head when Aunt Marie said she didn't mean to use the slur in a 'bad' way. She just meant "you gay people have a lot of drama":

At which point, Charlie lost it. Her reply said she wouldn't be coming to her cousin's birthday party because actually, a big lesbian orgy had come up:

Hey Aunt Marie, Don't worry about it! I can't make -----'s birthday I'm afraid, I have a huge lesbian orgy that day and me and the other f----ts have been planning for months. By the way, how's your divorce going?

The internet has overwhelmingly sided with Charlie. Auntie Marie, to quote more than one user, was 'slayed' by her niece, and the rest of Twitter appears to feel the same way:

Awe at Charlie's takedown spawned an #auntmarie hashtag.

And even a parody Aunt Marie account.

We're no experts, but we think Charlie won that round.

indy100 has reached out to her for comment.

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