A wedding photographer reveals the signs they see that a marriage won't work out

Picture: Prostooleh/istock
Picture: Prostooleh/istock

Weddings are stressful: the bride is stereotypically apoplectic, and the groom tends to survey the chaos from behind a massive potted plant in the corner of the room.

A Reddit user who claims she is a wedding photographer who has worked at over 100 weddings, says that in her experience there are a few tell-tale signs of a doomed marriage, noticeable in the wedding itself:

If the bride says she doesn’t want cake in her face... and the groom smashes it in her face anyway

During the cake cutting, most brides will say don't smash the cake in their face (or vice versa). If the other person does it anyways, that's a huge tell for respect. I know it’s all fun and games, but it's a big tell to overall feelings.

Arguing about small things

I know weddings are stressful, but you should be able to work through petty small things easily and move on.

Almost all of my [difficult] couples will hold grudges for at least the rest of the night, which in turn, ruins their images. I have to be the one that tells them, 'look, I know you're pissed at each other right now, but for the sake of your lifetime memories, fake that you like each other for the rest of the night.'

If a bride (or a groom) is pathologically controlling

If you're a Bride/Groomzilla then that's a tell too. All of my monsters have been absolute control freaks and refuse to let people help them... this tells me a lot about your personality and a lot of can be seen in your interaction with your significant other.

Of course, this is all anecdotal evidence, but some of the points do touch on subjects like mutual respect and controlling behaviour, which are important in any relationship.

Have you noticed any telltale body language at weddings? Let us know in the comments.

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