Abelist woman demands refund on a mug after discovering the artist has autism

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A woman has asked for her order of a specially handcrafted mug to be cancelled after she discovered that the person making it has autism.

In a recent Reddit post, a text conversation between the customer and a mug designer starts out like any irate customer dispute before descending into a full-blown piece of discrimination.

After telling the person who was making the mug that she no longer required their services, the woman was pressed as to why she had had a sudden change of mind.

This is when the customers' true intentions came to the fore as she revealed that she had done some research and due to some misguided views believed that someone with autism spectrum disorder couldn't possibly make something like a mug.

The conversation appeared on the subreddit r/EntitledB***h and is possibly one of the most unpleasant and ignorant things that you'll read all day.

Picture:Picture: Reddit/jwall6110

Picture:Picture: Reddit/jwall6110

Picture:Picture: Reddit/jwall6110

Needless to say, people were pretty horrified by what they had just read and let's just hope that the artist doesn't encounter many more individuals like this.

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