Adele makes surprise cameo on Kai Cenat Twitch stream

Adele makes surprise cameo on Kai Cenat Twitch stream
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Kai Cenat was joined by Rich Paul, LeBron James' agent in a recent Twitch stream and was starstruck when none other than Adele made a brief surprise cameo.

Paul who is reportedly to be engaged to the Easy on Me singer received a Facetime call from his partner while he was live with Cenat, who is most-subscribed Twitch streamer of all time.

Cenat responded with an "Oh" in reaction to the surprise famous caller as Paul had a brief exchange with Adele.

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"Hi baby," Adele could be heard saying on the phone, to which Paul replied: "I'm streaming, Imma call you right back."

As Paul isn't a streamer, the singer then asked: "Oh my god! Where are you streaming?"

Paul replied: "I'm streaming with my guy Kai."

During this time, Cenat looked at the camera stunned by who Paul was chatting with, and then when Rich turned the phone screen towards him, he couldn't hide his elation as he grinned while greeting the 16-time Grammy Award winner.

Cenat was shocked to see Adele calling Paul, he then greeted the singer with a wave and made a joke referring to her song 'Hello' after the interaction.Twitch/KaiCenat

"Hi Adele!" the Twitch streamer said as he waved at her, and Adele also greeted Cenat with a cheerful response: "Hi, darling! Okay, have fun."

Once the call ended, Cenat could be seen rocking back and forth in his chair as he said "Oh snap" to what just happened.

He then jokingly sang "Hello," in reference to Adele's famous song of that title, which prompted laughter from Paul.

Elsewhere, Adele's did sweet gesture for bride who went straight to concert from wedding by offering her well wishes and autographing the bride's dress.

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