Ex-porn star Adriana Chechik says she’s currently unable to have sex or orgasm

Ex-porn star Adriana Chechik says she’s currently unable to have sex or orgasm
Adriana Chechik reveals why porn stars aim to retire early

Adriana Chechik is one of the world’s most celebrated porn stars and yet she’s currently unable to have sex.

The 31-year-old told an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday that she’s “not having sex” at the moment, explaining: “I tried and it was so painful.”

She added: "I can’t even give myself an orgasm. It sucks," owing to nerve blockers she's having to take.

Chechik’s issues stem from a serious accident she suffered at TwitchCon last October, which saw her break her back in two places after jumping into a foam pit.

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The (now former) adult entertainer has shared updates on her gradual recovery process, from learning to walk again to struggles with her mental health, but earlier this month, she posted a photo of herself in bra and pants alongside the caption: “Finally starting to feel myself again.”

And despite the pain she continues to suffer, she told Tuesday’s Q&A that there had been a number of “silver linings” to her injury.

“The first one is I've been off Adderall since my accident,” she told Instagram viewers. “I had a struggling problem with it for about seven years, I was taking around 30mg a day and then 60mg in the pandemic. And if I never had my accident and was forced to stay in the hospital, I would've never gotten off the substance. So I'm so glad I can function and feel good off of it, and I'll never go back to taking it.

“Another one is patience. Patience with myself and patience with others, and just understanding that life doesn't work on your schedule.”

Chechik's recovery process has been long and hard but there have been 'silver linings' to her injury@bratnasty69/Instagram

However, she understandably lost her patience with one fan who asked her: “If I hire you for [a] night how much will you charge me?”

Fuming, she replied: “This is the least thoughtful question you could ever ask me, and this is why I don't do Q&As often because I get way too many people asking me to be a hooker – nothing against hookers.

“My back is f**king broken, so you're clearly oblivious to the world around you and you're selfish because you only care about yourself. And you have a lot of audacity to ask me that. It's disgusting.”

Addressing her other followers, she continued: “Guys, don't be this guy. Don't be the guy that says like, ‘Oh, how big is too big? How big is too small?’ And don't be the guys that ask me porn questions [...] this is a PG platform and I'm not just sex and I'm tired of it.

“Don't treat me like this, I'm an actual person.”

Chechik said she was fed up of being treated as being just about sex@bratnasty69/Instagram

Indeed, even before her TwitchCon accident, Chechik announced her plans to quit the adult industry for good. And, earlier this month, she announced that she’d started “transitioning from being a porn star to a [Twitch] content creator.”

In an Instagram reel posted on 6 March, she suggested that “nobody really wants to stay in sex work”, saying: “When you work in sex work, the end goal is to build your name and build a brand that's bigger than you so you can get out of sex work because nobody really wants to stay in sex work.

“You want to have sex, you want to be able to make enough income to get a retirement plan and to build a brand that will make you money long after you're not able to shoot. “

She also opened up about how she got into pornography, recounting that she was working as a stripper in a club in South Beach, Miami, when a man asked her if she wanted to do an adult video.

“Considering I was naked all the time, It seemed very enticing,” she recalled. “So I said, ‘Why not?’ And I remember going to sets and doing my first video and thinking this is something I want to do, mostly because of the sexual experience, the fun I had doing it, and the voyeurism really piqued my interest, but ultimately, because of the healthy lifestyle, I could live as an entertainer.”

However, in her Q&A she revealed that her ultimate aims lie beyond adult content, and even beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Asked what her “ideal life” would be, she responded: “If I could do anything that I want to do, it would be a motivational speaker to help other people in the type of industry I work in, and to help people who've gone through some traumatic experiences – I am now a professional with those.

“Then I would love to have my own gaming agency where I have maybe 10 to 15 models that I can help – give them endorsements – and we can represent the girl gaming community.”

She concluded: “Lastly, if I could do anything that's kind of unrealistic, I would love to be an astronaut.”

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