If you suffer from second-hand embarrassment, this chapter in Amanda Holden's life will give you nightmares for weeks.

Astronaut Tim Peake graced ITV's This Morning brimming with fascinating stories about life on the International Space Station.

Amanda Holden, who is standing in for usual presenter Holly Willoughby this week, had an apparently burning question.

We wish she'd just Googled it.

Worried that her question might be embarrassing for Peake to answer, she warned:

The question I would like to ask, and I don't know whether you'd be allowed to answer it really, because it might be a naughty thing...

All that preamble made it sound like she was on the cusp of a well-researched, boundary-breaking question.

She continued:

When you went to the moon, did you take a piece of the moon and bring it back home with you?

The astronaut patiently replied:

So I wasn't on the moon.

I was in the space station. 

Famously, of course, Americans are the only nationality to have set foot on the moon.

If Brits ever conquered the challenge, it would be unmissable news. After all, the last moon landing was in 1972.

Twitter was predictably swift to pick up on the gaffe.

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