Amber Heard 'publicist' is being harassed online by Johnny Depp fans

Amber Heard 'publicist' is being harassed online by Johnny Depp fans
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The high-profile Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial may have ended in June, but the drama amongst fans still thrives as Depp fans accuse Heard's 'publicist' of being behind an anti-Depp Twitter account.

Internet personality and Depp supporter Laura Bockov took her accusations to Twitter, with many others jumping on the bandwagon.

The user-in-question (@k4m1laa), who posts under the name Kamilla, has categorically denied this and has since turned the account private. The account was said to be critical of Depp.

On Wednesday (August 10), Bockov suggested that the person behind the account could be publicist Crisanta White, who is reportedly a part of the public relations firm Shane/Nahley Communications.

Bockov continued to share her said "evidence", before Kamilla's account hit back and slammed Bockov for revealing personal information about White.

"[White is] already being aggressively harassed and their only proof she’s me is that she’s Black and they think I work in PR," Kamilla tweeted, adding that she is the second Black woman that Depp supporters have targeted under the assumption they are behind the Kamilla account .

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The social media "investigation" led people to call out prejudicial undertones after comparing a cartoon photo to White's.

One said: "Their 'proof' is the fact that both she's a Black woman w/ natural hair—& so is the anon account's avatar."

Some have argued that Depp supporters are harassing "any and all Black women with any slight, perceived or tangible connection to Amber Heard."

"This is weird, gross, and really racist," one added.

People soon started changing their Twitter names and photos to Kamilla's, using the hashtag "#IAmKamillaToo," to hit back at their view that that "any and all" Black women are being perceived as Kamilla.

"Guys I’m definitely Kamilla you can stop searching now #IamKamillaToo," one user tweeted, while another added: "Ok it’s me #IAmKamillaToo".

In response to claims that Bockov has been harrassing and sharing information about White, Bockov tweeted that "there is no doxxing."

"Can we move on please,” Bockov added. "I researched and believe my information was valid and honest."

Indy100 reached out to Crisanta White for comment.

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