MLK's daughter responds to Amy Schumer's Israel posts about her father

MLK's daughter responds to Amy Schumer's Israel posts about her father
Bernice King responds to Amy Schumer post
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Comedian Amy Schumer has been relentlessly sharing her support for Israel across her social media accounts. Some of these posts included clips of Martin Luther King Jr. denouncing antisemitism.

As a result, MLK Jr.'s daughter Bernice King clarified what she believed her father's stance would be on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

"Amy: Certainly, my father was against antisemitism, as am I," Bernice King wrote on Twitter/X. "He also believed militarism (along with racism and poverty) to be among the interconnected Triple Evils. I am certain he would call for Isreal's bombing of Palestine to cease, for hostages to be released and for us to work for true peace, which includes justice.

"He said, 'Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.'

"We have much to correct."

In the clip Schumer shared, Martin Luther King Jr. can be heard saying "Israel must exist." In another clip, he is denouncing antisemitism, calling it "wrong", "unjust" and "evil."

Bernice King shared another clip of her father talking about "moral power" and withdrawing from the Vietnam War. King also encouraged Schumer to read her father's book 'Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?'

King has previously spoken out against the blackout and deaths caused as a result of Israel's strikes. On Oct. 28, King called for "a ceasefire and immediate deployment to Gaza of additional crucial life-saving supplies at the scale needed."

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