Amy Schumer took a lie detector test to deny stealing jokes and this was the verdict

Amy Schumer takes a lie detector test

Amy Schumer sat down with Vanity Fair to take a lie detector test as part of the magazine's YouTube series - and the results have people surprised.

Schumer, 40, is the latest celebrity to subject herself to the popular lie detector test series. Each time a celebrity is invited to take the test, they are given a series of questions about their life, career, and more.

While answering questions, a professional polygraph examiner continuously indicates whether the celebrity is telling the truth or not.

With Schumer sitting in the hot seat it was her turn to answer the hard-hitting questions including "are you good at math?" and "do you regret your lower back tattoo?"

But there is one notorious question that everyone wants to know the truth about - have you ever stolen a joke?

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For years, the public and media have circulated rumors that Schumer steals jokes from lesser-known comedians so, of course, the interviewer had to ask.

"Coming up with new material is difficult, have you ever stolen a joke?" the interviewer asked Schumer.

"No," Schumer responded.

The polygraph technician turned to confirm Schumer's answer, "she is telling the truth."

The interviewer proceeded to thoroughly ask Schumer if she had ever stolen an idea for a sketch, an idea for a character, or "taken inspiration for a joke?"

The comedian answered "no" for each question with confirmation from the polygraph administer that she was telling the truth.

Despite the years of Schumer reaffirming she has never stolen a joke, and seemingly confirmed so during the lie detector test, people were still skeptical of the truth.

According to the American Psychological Association, polygraph tests are not entirely accurate and difficult to determine absolute truth. They are often not admissible in court for this reason.

However, the Vanity Fair lie detector test series is only meant as a fun way for fans to get to know their favorite celebrities better.

Throughout the lie detector interview, Schumer answered other questions relating to her best friend, actress Jennifer Lawerence, her husband, son, and some of her career highlights.

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