Andrew Tate thinks you're a 'weak man' if you live with women

Andrew Tate thinks you're a 'weak man' if you live with women
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Andrew Tate, 35, is everywhere at the moment. Chances are you've probably scrolled past one of his controversial commentaries on TikTok, which poses the question: who is he?

The former professional kickboxer has taken over social media with his candid, and not to mention incredibly misogynistic, takes on life. Tate first rose to fame outside of sport while appearing on the 2016 season of Big Brother UK.

The TikTokalpha male has since expressed his controversial views on women having multiple partners, breakfast breeding "arrogance and laziness", and now men being "weak" for living with women.

On the Full Send Podcast, Tate elaborated on why healthy competition is the so-called "key to masculinity."

"Men, for the longest period of time, were in gangs or armies. This is how we've always been," he said.

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He then brought up the topic of couples living together, saying it had relevance.

Tate said: "Women get real G and try and attach themselves to you: 'Don't live with your boys anymore, live with just me, c'mon, we'll be a real couple, blah blah,'

"I understand why they want that because they want to remove you from all the bullsh*t they're afraid of: the girls, the parties, the fun."

He boldly added that women do this so their partners "completely rely on them" and so "[women] have power and control over [men]."

"If you live exclusively just with a chick, you are not going to be as competitive as a man."

"Just watched the pod. Longest in history and the worst one by far. Andrew Tate is the biggest POS. I hope his 5 minutes of fame ends in July," said one viewer.

Another added: "Turned this sh*t off after 5 minutes. Your pod is quickly turning to crap."

Meanwhile, fans of the toxic masculinity mascot supported his comments with one saying, "Tate speaking them facts."

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