Is Andrew Tate's interview with Tucker Carlson the most watched interview ever?

Is Andrew Tate's interview with Tucker Carlson the most watched interview ever?
Andrew Tate says the US embassy pretended to care about his case

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has put himself in the spotlight again after sitting down for an interview with right-wing media personality Tucker Carlson.

Carlson shared the two-and-a-half-hour-long conversation between the pair on Twitter as part of his new independent talk show named “Tucker on Twitter”, following his sacking from FOX News in April.

Tate, along with his brother Tristan and two other associates, has been charged in Romania with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group.

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During his interview with Carlson, he discussed his opinions “masculinity” and other aspects of his life and personal experiences.

The tweet containing the interview has been viewed more 107 million times, according to Twitter statistics.

Is it the most-watched television interview ever?

Some of Tate’s fans have made the claim that the interview is the most-watched TV interview of all time, with one “fan” Twitter account, writing: “Andrew Tate's interview with Tucker Carlson is the most watched interview of all time.

With the tweet, they shared a screenshot of a Wikipedia page with the title “List of most watched television interviews”.

An arrow pointing to the top of the table listed the Tate and Carlson interview in the number one spot, however, the interview was never aired on television and instead was posted on Twitter.

Sportskeeda revealed the Wikipedia screenshot with either edited or photoshopped because the current page lists a 1993 Oprah Winfrey interview with Michael Jackson as the most-watched television interview with an average viewership of 62.3 million.

The false claim by Tate’s fans was made despite the Wikipedia page stating: “This is specifically on broadcast television and not on other television sources such as YouTube, Twitter or other online source.”

However, the interview might be able to claim the title of 'most watched ever' if the television side of the discussion is ignored.

The interview has outperformed the widely reported most viewed video on Twitter, which was a piece of skill by Lionel Messi that had more than 19 million views.

However, its got a long way to go before it can outperform the biggest video on YouTube; 'Babyshark' which has been viewed an astonishing 13 billion times.

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