Andrew Tate fans reveal life lessons taken from him - from 'mindset is everything' to 'depression isn't real'

Andrew Tate fans reveal life lessons taken from him - from 'mindset is everything' to 'depression isn't real'
Andrew Tate leaves Bucharest court in handcuffs amid human trafficking allegations

While Andrew Tate and brother Tristan continue to be detained in Romania on human trafficking and rape charges – which they both – superfans of the online influencer and former kickboxer (that’s Andrew) are expressing their support amid some tough times for the internet personality.

Users on the 2,300 member-strong subreddit r/Cobra_Tate are currently discussing under one post what the biggest lesson is that they have been taught by the once self-proclaimed misogynist.

One Redditor responded: “All the unfortunate things that happen to you are absolutely a benefit. Without trauma you’d never be anything or worth anything. Mindset is everything.”

Another replied: “That only you can be held accountable for your failures and/or success.”

Worryingly, these can all sound pretty reasonable and empowering in isolation, but evidently, Tate’s messages can so easily stray into ideas which are a lot more harmful, discriminatory and misogynistic.

One comment sees a user explain that one “top G lesson” is to “never objectify a woman” because “she will do it on herself”.

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“Depression is not real and you can control yourself in any circumstance if you’re ready to do so,” reads another, flying in the face of established scientific fact.

Thankfully, there’s one response – albeit downvoted by members – which we can get behind without much controversy: “Always recycle your pizza boxes.”

Well said.

The Reddit discussion comes as the two brothers have appealed against their continued detention at a court in Bucharest, and on Monday their lawyer Eugen Vidineac said there was “no evidence” to support the trafficking or rape allegations levied against them.

He said: “I will point this out from the beginning, that even up to the present moment, the criminal investigation file has not been made available to us to ensure the effective defence of our clients.

“In this sense, I would like to point out, at least from this point of view, I am also somehow amazed, there is not a single piece of evidence apart from the victim’s statement that leads to the idea that a crime of rape was committed.”

When asked what evidence there was in support of the charge of human trafficking, Mr Vidineac replied there is “no evidence there either”.

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