Jesus Christ and the ignoring of the anti-vaxxers
Jesus Christ and the ignoring of the anti-vaxxers

A picture of a girl sporting a T-shirt bearing the anti-vaxxer slogan 'Spoiler Alert: Jesus wasn't vaccinated' has gone viral.

The image was originally spotted by @GodlessEngineer, who commented:

Ding ding dipshit people died from simple stuff back then that we now have vaccines for.

The shot was soon picked up by the Christian Nightmares account - associated with a blog specialising in "creepy Christian sh*t" - which copied in US comedian Andy Richter.

The comic was just one of many who replied pointing out the ludicrousness of the argument given that the very idea of vaccination had not been conceived of in first century Judea and would hardly have saved the son of god from crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary if it had.

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