Antonio Brown banned from Snapchat for X-rated post

Arrest Order Issued For Antonio Brown

Infamous former NFL player Antonio Brown got kicked off Snapchat for sharing an X-rated of Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of his children.

According to a report from TMZ, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver shared a photo of Kyriss performing oral sex on him while in bed. The image is said to have been deleted before Snapchat banned him from the platform.

Speaking with the outlet, Kyriss said she "reported" his account and all the pictures.

"I do not condone these actions as you are aware I have kids involved as well," she said.

Kyriss also said she has repeatedly told Brown not to disclose any personal details of their former relationship.

It's unclear when the image was taken.

Snapchat has a feature that allows posts uploaded to disappear after 24 hours. However, the platform has definitive guidelines that do not support sexually explicit content.

"Antonio Brown's account has been removed, and we are investigating this incident further. We have strict Community Guidelines that prohibit sexually explicit content and bullying or harassment of any kind," a Snap spokesperson told Indy100.

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Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss in Miami , Flordia on 26 January 2023Getty

But it seems that Brown doesn't feel much remorse for his transgressions as he took to Twitter to say that he was a cross between "psy·chot·ic and i·con·ic" and to not "play" with him, "play football."

This isn't the first time Brown has caused a ruckus on his Snapchat.

In November 2022, he shared a badly photoshopped image of former teammate Tom Brady's ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. He decided to edit her face on a naked body.

Brown has also seemingly rehashed his feud with Brady, although it seems one-sided.

In November of last year, Brown shared an alleged text message between him and the Bucs quarterback from May 2021, Daily Mail reported.

Brady apparently told him that he has "reverted" back to a "young, immature man that is selfish, self-serving, irrational. and irresponsible."

This text hasn't been confirmed to be true or not.

It's also worth noting that Brady and Bündchen's divorce after 13 years of marriage also led to other bad Photoshop attempts made by Brown.

One of those images, including one where he put his face on a photo of Brady being hugged by Bündchen from behind.

Brown has been out of the NFL since January 2022 after storming off the field during a Bucs game against the New York Jets.

And in December 2022, he had a long standoff with police as they attempted to arrest him. He never came outside, nor was he booked.

Indy100 reached out to Kyriss and Brown via Instagram DM for comment.

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