Ariana Grande asks Jennifer Coolidge about 'best d*ck' she got after Stifler's Mom role

Ariana Grande asks Jennifer Coolidge about 'best d*ck' she got after Stifler's Mom role
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Singer-songwriter Ariana Grande interviewed actress Jennifer Coolidge for Entertainment Weekly about the "best d***" she's gotten after her role as Stifler's mom in American Pie.

And the seasoned actress' response was hilarious.

Coolidge was named the outlet's 2022 Entertainers Of The Year, and the "Stuck With U" singer had the opportunity to interview her.

The two spoke about Coolidge's achievement for Entertainment Weekly as well as the actress commending Grande's "brilliant" 2018 imitation of her legendary lines from Legally Blonde.

"I get so many people just texting me about your acting skills. You do these great facial expressions and you're very, very subtle, and you're funny," Coolidge told Grande.

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"Not even close. What are you even saying? Coming from you, the queen of all things funny and brilliant, that means a lot," Grande said, seemingly shocked by the praise.

But Grande also couldn't help but inquire about Coolidge's sex life, following her role as Stifler's mom in the coming-of-age sex films.

"You've spoken publicly about the tremendous impact that playing Stifler's mom has had on your life. In particular, how much d*** it's gotten you," Grande said before asking if she "remembers" the best she's gotten.

"Do you keep in touch?" she added.

Coolidge's best experience was apparently "the youngest fellow," but she recounts the moment being "very weird."

Grande did tell Coolidge that there was no pressure to spill the beans. Still, she didn't mind, saying she was "glad" to be asked that question.

Coolidge referenced a Variety interview she did in August where she mistakenly joked that she "got to sleep with 200 men" since then.

"And look, I would love to say that was true, but I mean, that was sort of an exaggeration — so I'm glad you're asking me," she said.

The White Lotus actress then dished about her "best d***," experience.

The morning after her encounter, things got a little strange when she told the man she needed to get her hair done.

Because he was young, Coolidge said he called his mother to ask about spots to get a "blow dry."

She continued to say that it "was so weird" because it happened on the phone, and it was obvious that they were "in bed together."

However, all seemed to go well because the mother gave Coolidge a "good recommendation" for a blowdry spot at a mall.

Elsewhere the two spoke about Grande releasing her early 2000s-inspired music video for 'Thank U, Next," in which she cast Coolidge.

Coolidge said if it weren't for the artist, she wouldn't be where she is right now.

"I think if you hadn't put me in "Thank u, next," and done that imitation, I don't think I would be here where I am."

She added: "I was kind of flatlining, and you got things going for me. I just want to thank you."

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