Delighted father shares glowing feedback on son who helped autistic child at work

Jacob's glowing feedback and the store in question
Jacob's glowing feedback and the store in question
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Parents on social media can be a mortifying phenomenon - you never know quite when they're going to post an embarrassing opinion or even dig out their war chest of baby photos for maximum humiliation.

But this is really rather sweet.

A father in Buckinghamshire who goes by the nom de web "James Flibble" (a niche Red Dwarf reference?) recently posted this glowing feedback on his son Jacob's performance working at a Clarks shoe store in Bicester Village on a busy Saturday.

According to an email sent to the company's customer care team, Jacob, an 18-year-old who otherwise volunteers working with children at Banardo's, had come to the aid of a customer's autistic daughter when she suffered a sensory overload, overwhelmed by the bustle of shoppers.

As the mother - Dawn Brown - tells it, Jacob immediately recognised the child's condition when he came over to offer assistance.

He didn’t mention or acknowledge the situation but just sat in the floor and started talking to my daughter.

He gently tried shoes on her and explained to her why they would feel different and in time they would soon feel ok.

He sat patiently while she cried and I had to rock her and carried on when she was ready without any fuss and he didn’t once make us feel like we were taking too long or being a nuisance.

His tact and sensitivity inspired the mother to submit her feedback and brought an outpouring of warmth online, not least from Dawn herself, who was delighted to learn her message had been passed on to Jacob.

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