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A heartbreaking Christmas letter from a child to their late father 'in heaven' has united a community in Scotland.

The letter, which was apparently attached to a helium baloon and later picked up in a field in Dunfermline after it deflated, was written by a child who explained they're currently in foster care.

The child writes that their mother is sick and their dream is a letter sent back from heaven under their pillow one night.

The letter reads:

Hi dad, just writing you a letter to tell you I'm missing you and tell you news!

I'm sure you know I'm in foster care cause mom is sick and my ear is blocked from Monday. 

Tomorrow we're leaving. 

I really miss school and you. I know are up in heaven but are you safe?

Oh ya before I go here's my dream and xmas list.

My dream is for you my daddy to put under my pillow that you wrote.

My xmas list: boots/studs, Astros, rebounder net, new Premier League ball, Real Madrid kit

Bye daddy I love you.


Stuart McColl, the man who found it, has told the Dunfermline Press that he's now on a mission to find the child and help buy them their dream presents this year.

He told the paper:

This was just too sad to ignore. I've never done anything like this before but it's a really tragic story so it would be great to do something to help this person who is having such a tough time.

Thanks to the huge and almost immediate media coverage of the touching tale, Stuart is hopeful that he might be able to track down the young letter writer by Christmas.

He added:

Everyone's getting involved and we've already had people wanting to donate to get these gifts. 

But we just need to find this child first! They seem to really like football that's for sure! 

It really is the dream to find the person who wrote this note. It's quite a unique story so hopefully someone knows something.

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