Piers Morgan tears into Barbie saying he would be ‘executed’ for making a similar film

Piers Morgan tears into Barbie saying he would be ‘executed’ for making a similar film
Things You Missed While Watching Barbie The Movie

The always outspoken Piers Morgan has given his two cents on the Barbie movie, and he is not a fan.

Writing in the New York Post, the journalist slammed the Greta Gerwig hit for encouraging "feminazis" and even went as far as to suggest people would want him "executed" if he had made a similar flick.

Misunderstanding inherent power imbalances between men and women, he wrote: "If I made a movie mocking women as useless dunderheads, constantly attacking 'the matriarchy,' and depicting all things feminist as toxic bulls–t, I wouldn’t just be canceled, I’d be executed!"

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Elsewhere in the review, Morgan said the film had "a ridiculous misandrist message that is being rammed down the throats of literally tens of millions of people".

He also called it "preachy and irritating", and we'll leave the obvious irony of that statement for you to work out, thus joining the waves of men to voice their annoyance with the film.

And yet despite Morgan's upset, the film has done pretty well by all accounts. It dominated box office sales in its opening weekend and has already broken records.

Morgan just doesn't have the Kenergy to deal with it.

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