‘Barbage’: Angry internet men react to Barbie just as you'd expect

‘Barbage’: Angry internet men react to Barbie just as you'd expect
Things You Missed While Watching Barbie The Movie

Want to enrage a bunch of angry men on the internet? Just make an incredibly popular film with a strong feminist message. It works like a charm.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has done just that. As most people queued around the block decked out in pink feather boas and sunglasses this weekend, the keyboard warriors took a different approach: hate-watching the film of the summer then slating it online.

So here are some hilarious reviews of a totally harmless movie. And before you read on: SPOILER ALERT!

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The infamous Ben Shapiro kicked things off by declaring on his YouTube channel that Barbie was a "s**tshow" and one of the worst movies he'd ever seen.

Blogger Jim Schembri wrote on Rotten Tomatoes: “For the first 30 minutes or so Barbie is a fun, feather-weight satire...Then the stuff about patriarchy kicks in and the film turns into a thinly disguised #metoo rant, trading comedy for man-bashing and a lot of confused point-scoring about sexism.”

Meanwhile, Christian Toto wrote on the same platform: “Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling can't save story captured by man-hating agenda.”

Comedy writer Aaron Gillies, who posts on Twitter under the pseudonym @TechnicallyRon, took some similar reviews from Letterboxd and put them on the movie poster.

Turn over to IMDB, and it’s much the same. One account, nhsiposm, denounced the film’s “radical views” and called it “an extended radical feminist diatribe packaged within the guise of a fun summer blockbuster.”

Meanwhile, pat-394 said it was “a shameful piece of cinema, unless you're of a certain ideological bent, in which case you'll love it. For everyone else: Avoid like the plague.”

And finally, we have to give a little bit of credit to jasonburnscorp for coming up with the headline: “Barbage”. That’s nice.

He goes on: “Though initially pretty in detail, this junk box Frankenstein of a film quickly turned into a radical feminist fair, mixed with corporate propaganda. Ken (the arch enemy) never had a chance...because he is a man..and men are bad...because they are patriotic?”

We’ll gloss over the fact that the last one doesn’t make sense, and simply extend our thoughts and prayers to all of these angry men at this difficult time. Never change, guys.

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