Did Bill Burr's wife, Nina Renee Hilll, actually flip off Trump?

Did Bill Burr's wife, Nina Renee Hilll, actually flip off Trump?
Donald Trump arrives at UFC 295 alongside Dana White and Kid Rock

A video of Nia Renee Hill, actor, producer, and wife of comedian Bill Burr, has gone viral after many viewers believed she was flipping off former president Donald Trump. But was she actually aiming the gesture at Trump?

During a UFC event at Madison Square Gardens, Trump arrived just before the featherweight fight between Diego Lopes and Pat Sabanti. As the former President walks through the seats, Hill can be seen sticking both her middle fingers up.

Many believe Hill is directing the gesture at Trump, however she doesn't seem to be looking at the direction of the 77-year-old, rather looking into the cameras.

Burr and his wife have both been critical of Trump and other Republicans, such as presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis.

Hill hasn't spoken on the now viral clip, so there's uncertainty on whether or not the middle finger was aimed at Trump. Regardless, it has social media pretty divided.

Trump supporters were unsurprisingly critical of Hill's gesture that they believed to be aimed at the former President.

One Twitter/X user called Hill "disgusting":

Whilst another called her "nasty":

But critics of Trump called his supporters "hypocrites" for calling Hill names whilst "put[ting] f*ck Biden flags up for kids to read."

And many seemed to love Hill's supposed message for Trump:

The rest of the UFC crowd, however, seemed happy with Trump's appearance as he entered the arena alongside his son, Donald Jr., Kid Rock, and Tucker Carlson. Despite the ongoing fraud trial regarding The Trump Organisation, he seemed to be in high spirits.

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