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Buying a wedding gift for a happy couple is hard enough when you are just a guest at a wedding, but the pressure is really on when you are part of the official wedding party, as either a bridesmaid or groomsman.

However, a woman who had been a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding received an unusual request from a virtual stranger, who was also a bridesmaid at the same wedding but the two didn't really know each other.

The woman was asked if she wanted to be a bridesmaid for the other woman's wedding - not because they had become instant friends of anything like that.

No, because she noticed that she gave the bride a 'generous' present and wanted to reap the same benefits. The woman shared the text exchange that she had with the bride-to-be on a Facebook page and it soon ended up on Reddit.

Judging by the words in the series of text messages, it would appear that the bride's request was rejected and Reddit wasn't actually impressed with her request either.

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