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For anyone planning a wedding, choosing who you want to be in your wedding party is a monumental task.

Sure, you want to pick your best friends and those closet to you, but when someone has to unexpectedly pull out of the day it can prove a tricky problem to overcome.

Even if you find someone who might be able to replace them, you should probably do your best to not to insult them.

Amazingly, this is exactly what one bride-to-be did when she asked her cousin to be a bridesmaid before beginning to insult her weight.

A Reddit user curiously named 'pervertw3asel' shared screenshots of a text conversation with the cousin who had asked her to be a bridesmaid and it was gross to say the least.

As you can imagine, people had a lot of sympathy for the cousin and criticism of the bride.

call-me-the-seeker wrote:

Don’t ever forget it’s okay to not talk to family. Your sharing genetic material doesn’t oblige you to be abused.

Family is whoever treats you with love and decency. That’s not always your genetic relations.

You know this, it’s clear...just don’t let people shame you into forgetting it.

Ninhursag wrote:

If her fiancee was smart he'd back out next.

sugartea63 said:

I would totally send this Screenshot to everyone else in the wedding, including the fiance. They all deserve to know who they're really dealing with.

MrsECummings added:

Nice, wants her in her wedding just because the dress might fit her, not because she cares about her and wants loved ones with her. I have a funny feeling the other person backed out because of this shit behaviour

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