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A wedding invite is a sign that someone is cherished and a valued friend or family member and that the happy couple wants said person at their big day.

However, if you are going to revoke the invite you'd better have a pretty good reason for telling that person they're no longer wanted.

Sure if you have found out that they have engaged in something adulterous with someone else at the wedding or that they've got a record for viciously trashing wedding cakes then yeah, maybe they shouldn't be there.

But if you're telling someone that they are no longer welcome because they have cancer and won't wear a wig, that isn't exactly acceptable, is it?

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to one woman, when a bride-to-be deemed it perfectly fine to tell her bridesmaid that she couldn't be part of her bridal party anymore because of her illness.

On the r/bridezillas subreddit the bridesmaid explained what had happened to her.

Needless to say, people were not impressed with what the bride had decided to do and she was royally torn to shreds in the comments.

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