All of the ‘clues’ that Britney obsessives think she’s used to communicate with fans

<p>Britney Spears is popular on social media - but some fans think they see more than meets the eye</p>

Britney Spears is popular on social media - but some fans think they see more than meets the eye

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Pop icon Britney Spears has long had her financial affairs controlled by her father James Spears and some lawyers as part of a conservatorship - which came about following her very public mental crisis that the paparazzi unfortunately captured.

She lost power over her vast fortune and business matters, which her father James Spears insists was necessary to protect her from pitfalls and swindlers so that she can focus on her overall health and wellbeing.

Since then, Spears has been silent for the most part; even though her fans have grown even more restless over the legal situation, they believe that their beloved pop star has been trapped by her conservators, hence the creation of the #FreeBritney movement.

On Wednesday, Spears is slated to make a rare, virtual statement to the court as she strives to get herself out from under her father’s control.

Her appearance before a Los Angeles judge will also be the first since the Framing Britney documentary aired, further sparking a public evaluation of how the media treated the former young pop star.

Some die-hard fans think Spears was trying to communicate with them in clever ways by dropping clues about what’s happening in her life surrounding the conservatorship and life.

The movement lacks evidence, given the fact that the entire conservatorship has been overseen by the courts, but obsessed fans insist on it nonetheless.

Read on to see some examples that have super fans trying to put the pieces together.

Her dance moves around her home

Spears often posts videos of herself doing what appears to be contemporary dances as she twirls around.

“Babe, you ok?” wrote a fan.

“Is this all she’s allowed to do?” wrote another fan.

A third fan thinks Spears “misses making a music video,” which is her way to express that.

In another video, Spears said that she was here to answer all of our questions. One question she answered, in particular, is she does get dizzy when she spins around dancing in her living room, but she picks a stationary spot to look at so that it is not “too bad.”

Her Easter outfit video

In the short clip, you hear, a man who is most likely her boyfriend in the background asking, “is this your Eater outfit today.”

Spears, who is wearing white shorts, chunky tan heels, and a flowy white, long-sleeved crop top with purple flowers on it, says, “Yes, this is my Easter suit today.”

Fans thought that the scene didn’t look natural.

“Looks like she had been crying & she definitely didn’t want to make this!!!!!!!!!” a fan commented about her facial expression.

“She looks uncomfortable... Look at her body language,” another fan said.

She posted a blood-red sky—and people thought it was an SOS

In April, Spears posted a photo of a sky, captioned “RED,” to which fans thought was a “code red.”

“WHAT IS THIS ABOUT RED??” someone wrote.

Another fan noted that it symbolized the following: “You are the sun in all the darkness.”

In another post highlighting the red theme, she posted a red refrigerator, and people had the same sentiments that it was a “code red” call for help.

“505 SOS,” someone wrote.

Spears addressed the red refrigerator in a video, insisting that she thought it was “cool” and “vintage.”

Posting a World Bee Day advertisement

In May, Spears took to her Instagram to post a photo of a makeup artist's creation of gold bees atop pink bedazzled lips.

“Ok … I’m a day late for World [bee] Day … but hey, I gotta B in my name, so I had to pose !!!!! PS check out Angelina Jolie’s new campaign for Guerlain !!!!” she captioned the photo.

“So they’re using this page for ads now?” wrote a commenter.

“Queen of awareness,” wrote another person.

Playing into conspiracies, someone else wrote, “It’s symbology the bees represent a certain elite family.”

Others thought that it means that she’s the “queen of bees” and that it was simply a nice and “normal” post.

Her tiny peek-a-boo neck tattoo

Spears is no stranger to tattoos, including a pair of pink dice on her left wrist, the fairy on her lower back, the cross on her left hip, the vine on her right foot, and many others. 

Earlier this month, she revealed that she has a small script tattoo below her hairline on the backside of her neck.

“Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before ???? It’s Hebrew; it’s a language written backwards !!!! It says Mem Hey Shin and means healing !!!!” she captioned her post.

“Queen of surprises,” wrote a fan - but another said they are convinced that “she’s a prisoner.”

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