Busta Rhymes falls offstage during concert

Busta Rhymes, 50, brought his Cincinnati gig to a halt when a woman tried to touch his knee.

The Touch It rapper was halfway through his 2015 hit when the fan's arm reached out toward the rapper. The viral footage circulating across TikTok shows Busta slapping away her hand and telling his entourage to "stop the music."

The rapper lost his ring in the process.

"Ayo, shorty, you’re with your man, right?" he asked the woman in the front row, who was standing with her date. Before the fan had a chance to respond, Busta launched into the partner, saying: "That’s your girl? What kinda s**t are you on that you’re gonna let her continue to grab me up?'

He then crudely said: "See, I’m a grown man. I’ll f**k your girl, bro. I don’t want to f**k your girl," he said before advising the man to "tame your girl."

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He later confessed to the audience that "This is a weird day, a weird time,"

"She touched me and s**t, y’all got them little funny ass camera phones [filming], and I don’t agree with that. She might do some police s–t. I’m not with it,

"She ain’t from my day. In my time, we didn’t f**k with all these cameras, homie," before telling the woman's partner to "take your girl and tell her to stand behind you."

"Stand behind your man, sweetheart," he reiterated.

The clip certainly caused a divide in the comments, with some saying the rapper took it too far.

"She didn’t really touch him, he was being an a**hole," one TikTok user said, adding: "I thought he was better than that BS."

Another mirrored their comments, saying: "He went overboard, he could’ve slapped her hand and kept it moving. He didn’t have to embarrass them like that."

"Damn, she didn’t even do sh*t. Imagine if she did, her poor hands would have been broke up," a third agreed.

Meanwhile, others believed he "did what he was supposed to do", adding: "This day and age".

Indy100 reached out to Busta Rhymes' rep for comment.

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