Chris Rock reveals grim conditions at Burning Man as he escapes flooded festival with Diplo

Chris Rock reveals grim conditions at Burning Man as he escapes flooded festival with Diplo
Chris Rock and Diplo saved from Burning Man by fan in pickup …

Chris Rock and Diplo seemingly made a lucky escape from the Burning Man chaos that left tens of thousands of festivalgoers stranded.

Heavy rain forced nearby roads to be closed, and those in attendance have been urged to conserve food and take shelter.

"The Gate and airport in and out of Black Rock City remain closed," X/Twitter account Burning Man Traffic wrote. "Ingress and egress are halted until further notice. No driving is permitted except emergency vehicles. If you are in BRC, conserve food, water, and fuel, and shelter in a warm, safe space. More updates to come."

In what some have jokingly called a "simulation glitch," Diplo took to Instagram to share a clip from the day. It showed him and Rock riding in the back of a pickup truck after walking six miles in the mud.

Diplo wrote: "I legit walked the side of the road for hours with my thumb out cuz i have a show in dc tonight and didn't want to let yall down. Also shoutout to this guy for making the smart purchase of a truck not knowing it was for this exact moment (sic)".

In the video, the 44-year-old joked that all Rock "could think about was a f***ing cold brew."

Hundreds of fans flocked to the clip, with one writing: "Nobody gon believe em when he tells this story at the bar 'Yea Diplo AND Chris Rock surrrrre' (sic)".

"Imagine picking up Diplo and Chris Rock just casually trekking through the desert lol," another added, while a third called their escape "absolutely wild and iconic at the same time."

Meanwhile, a fourth joked: "I love that Rock is wearing the most non-Burning Man outfit ever. Legend."

The comedian also updated fans on the grim Burning Man scenes via his Instagram Stories.

In one, he explained that "because of the flooding, the port-o-potties reportedly can’t be emptied and because the gates are closed, people can’t get in to fill generators or deliver supplies."

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