Chrissy Teigen hilariously clapped back at Trump supporter who claimed Biden isn't popular

Chrissy Teigen never lets us down on her biting comebacks.

As Joe Biden continues to pull ahead in the US presidential election, Trump supporters are sharing their frustration.

This includes actor Kevin Sorbo, who tweeted:

I never see people driving around with Biden flags, someone want to explain how this guy who couldn’t fill a high school auditorium is leading currently?

Well, for one, there’s a pandemic going on right now so it’s not exactly safe to gather crowds in a room – despite Trump holding rallies and pretending otherwise.

Many Democrats shared the same sentiment.

Others educated Sorbo on what a mail-in ballot is.

Also, not all Democrats are as loud as they are proud.

Regarding the lack of Biden flags flying around, Teigen had a more succinct answer to his question. “Because we know how stupid it f***in looks,” she replied.

The model and television personality has always been unafraid of confronting Trump and his followers. The president even blocked Teigen all the way back in 2017.

Like the rest of us, she’s also been relentlessly checking the news for election updates.

Teigen's tweets encapsulate the election mood.

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