Chrissy Teigen returns to Twitter and reveals she has been saying tweets to ‘shampoo bottles’

<p>Chrissy Teigen is back on Twitter after a little over three weeks</p>

Chrissy Teigen is back on Twitter after a little over three weeks

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Chrissy Teigen is back on Twitter 23 days after vowing to give up the website and claims to have really missed coming up with jokes.

She revealed that she had been bereft without the site, coming up with tweets, and reciting them to her shampoo bottles. She also missed the “belly chuckles” after scrolling the timeline.

Chrissy received backlash for her “tone deaf” tweets, such as when she casually announced that her mother bought multiple pairs of AirPods a month and how once, she had her husband, John Legend ordered a $13,000 bottle of wine.

However, despite facing criticism for this, Chrissy has also used her social media platform to be incredibly brave and share the heavy heartbreak she felt after her son Jack was stillborn.

She has vowed to “take the bad with the good.”

Her return was celebrated by fans, but people also found it amusing how she was so quick to return after the departure fanfare.

Her return has begged the question - can people actually quit Twitter? Is dopamine too irresistible? Is the thrill of a notification or a homepage refresh to hard to shake even if you are being trolled or comparing yourself too much to strangers? Is the quiet exit the way to go to ensure you quit the habit?

We’ll let you decide.

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