Colourblind child sees colour for first time in heartwarming video

Colourblind child sees colour for first time in heartwarming video

A video has become a viral hit online where a young boy who has colourblindness, sees colours for the very first time thanks to a special pair of glasses.

12-year-old Jonathan Jones, who is from the US state of Minnesota, burst into tears when he was given the opportunity to wear a pair of spectacles that allows him to see colours.

The special device was reportedly given to Jones by his principal at Lakeview High School, who also has severe colour blindness.

Principal Scott Hanson, handed the glasses to Jones during a class that just happened to be about colourblindness and his brother Ben, filmed what happened next.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Thursday, the older Jones wrote:

My little brother is severely colourblind and so is his principle at school. While they were learning about colourblindness in class, his principle brought in some glasses that let him see colour for the first time, and he was very emotional.

In the clip we see Hanson give Jones the glasses, which look like sunglasses and says to the youngster: "They’re all yours, let’s see what it does."

Just seconds after putting on the glasses Jones bursts into tears as it becomes abundantly clear that the glasses have worked and he is seeing a wide array of colours for the very first time.

Hanson then tells him:

I’m so happy for you  … that is so awesome. I told you it’s going to be a little emotional.

Hey Jon if you can laugh and cry in the same day … that is the greatest day ever.

Jones' mother, Carole Walter, was also present for the moment and added:

Why don’t you keep those for a little while. You can take them home with you today and just wear them around, and I want you to experience as much as you can and maybe your parents will buy you a pair.

This beautiful moment has now been viewed more than 8 million times on Twitter and has provoked some incredible reactions.

A GoFundMe page has since been set up for Jones and in just three days has already surpassed its $350 goal by raising more than $25,000.

As that is more than enough to purchase the glasses for our viral star, his family have pledged to donate the remainder to a foundation that purchases colourblind glasses for people who can't afford.

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