Comedian mocks Taylor Swift's increasingly bizarre 1989 tour

Taylor Swift's saccharine perfection has seen her become one of the most admired pop musicians of the 2010s.

With her legions of adoring fans and countless charitable acts, she sometimes appears beyond criticism.

But one woman has observed Tay Tay's increasingly bizarre 1989 tour, where she seems to wheel out a celeb pal - including the likes of the US women's national football team, Julia Roberts and Lena Dunham - on to the stage at any given opportunity, and has decided to create her own satirical version of it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, writer Lara Marie Schoenhals runs through a list of improbable cameos that could feature in Swift's concerts of the future - including the Blair Witch; the hologram of Maya Angelou; the first woman ever, Eve; and the ashes of the victims of the Salem witch trials.

An incredibly simple joke, repeated to wonderful effect:

As CNN notes, "you may not actually be a celebrity if Taylor Swift hasn't brought you on stage".

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