This guy created a fake Trump tweet to get his dad to take coronavirus seriously

This guy created a fake Trump tweet to get his dad to take coronavirus seriously
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As misinformation on the coronavirus has found its way to everyday conversation on social media – particularly on WhatsAppone social media user is taking matters into his own hands.

@KayDotU tweeted last week in an attempt to get his dad to avoid forwarding on disinformation...

The tweet included a picture of a fake Trump tweet – all though created with strikingly similar language and stylethat read:

If you are spreading FAKE NEWS via mass communication channel, believe me YOU WILL BE ARRESTED and taken to prison.

@KayDotU told indy100 that he used Tweetgen – a Twitter screenshot generator – to make the tweet on Wednesday because:

My dad kept sending so much fake news, so I had to stop it.

Lucky, his dad took it seriously and it did stop, he said.

@KayDotU was responding to a tweet by @_galpacino that has almost 200,000 favorites as of Wednesday. It said, “Mum told me to shut all the windows in the house because a helicopter will be spraying disinfectant tonight..I will be confiscating this woman’s phone and deleting whatsapp.”

This tweet is in reference to a message that has been making the rounds on communication apps:

Today, special military helicopters will spray pesticides against the Corona virus in the skies all over the country, so you must stay indoors after twelve o'clock at night...”

It is unclear where this hilariously false story originated.

And for those looking for actual coronavirus coverage to direct your parents or other misinformation-believers to, look here.

Or if you’re British, you’re in luck, @KayDotU created a tweet for you too:

OK boomers, it's time to get smart (for all of our sakes!)

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