A newly-elected school board member facing calls to resign after a shocking viral video showed her appearing to disobey New Hampshire police officers.

The New Hampshire Union Leaderreports that nearly 5,000 people have signed a petition asking Rochelle Kelley to step down.

During the 11-minute video, Kelley is seen saying that it’s her constitutional right to be able to use the playground. Some of her protest companions even called the officers asking them to leave “Concord Nazis”.

Shockingly, one man compares the enforcement of coronavirus orders to “picking up Jews and putting them in cars”.

And protesters even coughed in the direction of the officers as they walked away.

Kelley, who filmed the confrontation, said:

I don’t understand why the Constitution is an opinion.

In all seriousness, don’t you feel really sad you’re a police officer, a man of the law and you’re kicking kids off [the playground?]

Kelley has responded to the calls for her resignation by insisting she didn’t use the term “concord Nazi” to describe the officers.

I was just trying to have a conversation with them, which I now realise was stupid.

Concord Police Chief Bradley Osgood stood by the conduct of his officers after the video emerged. He said that the officers “did exactly what we would have hoped” and that they’re looking into the coughing to consider whether to prosecute.

The petition to remove Kelley focuses on her “disrespectful manner” towards the policemen. She has insisted she does not plan to resign.

H/T: Daily Dot

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