Craig David’s Wikipedia page keeps getting edited to make the same Olympics joke

Craig David’s Wikipedia page keeps getting edited to make the same Olympics joke

Some jokes never get old, especially when it comes to Craig David.

The chartopping rapper, DJ and record producer is a national treasure with many a plaudit to his name, and yet he can’t seem to shake off the same old quips.

The 40-year-old shot to fame in 1999 after featuring on the single ‘Re-Rewind’ by Artful Dodger.

The garage track, which was later named the fifth-best song of the year, is best known for its painfully catchy (and repetitive chorus): “Re-rewind, when the crowd say Bo Selecta”. (That is, in fact, the song’s full title.)

It later inspired the name of Leigh Francis’s sketch show ‘Bo Selecta!’ which regularly starred a masked caricature of David.

But since those early noughties days, the Southampton-born star has gone on to secure a wide range of achievements, including being appointed a Goodwill Ambassador to the World Health Organisation and receiving an MBE for services to music last December.

And while these accolades are recognised on his dedicated Wikipedia page, some users have been unable to resist adding a mocking nod to the past.

“Craig David is part of the GB Olympic Archery management team,” the site recently, and fictitiously, stated.

So what’s his role in the Games? (Here comes the punchline…)

He is the “the bow selector.”

The page has been corrected, but apparently if you check the Metadata for his Wiki entry you’ll see fans have been rushing to change it back, as Twitter user Alan Bell has pointed out.

Meanwhile, social media users are loving the edit, and are clearly keen to ‘Re-Re-Load’ it.

It’s hard to know what David himself would make of the jape, given his fractious relationship with those immortal lyrics.

Speaking toThe Sunday Times in 2007 about the comedy series, David confessed: "The whole ‘Bo’ Selecta! thing’ was killing me for a while because this idiot had a cult following and I was the main caricature.”

He continued: "During that period I was thinking, ‘I’m a caricature of myself. I’ve got my beard shaved in a certain way and putting on my beanie cap. Should I change because of it?’”

“Inside it was absolutely pissing me off and hurtful beyond belief,” he added. “There were times when I thought I just want to knock this guy [Francis] out.”

So be warned, Wikipedia pranksters. What you might think is a harmless (and hilarious) joke could be rubbing your favourite star up the wrong way...

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