Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig remember birthday prank

Daniel Craig, Mr 007 himself, did an entire interview with blood dripping from the side of his forehead - and he didn't realise.

In a recent interview as part of Variety's "Actors On Actors" segment, Craig, who was having a conversation with fellow actor Javier Bardem, two discussed Bardem jumping out of a cake dressed as a Bond Girl for Craig's birthday and reminisced about Skyfall, Dune and much more.

But the questions took a turn when Bardem pointed out the blood coming out of Craig's head.

"Let me ask you, my friend, as a last question, what happened to you here?" Bardem asked as he pointed to his own forehead.

"Where?" Craig said.

"You have something here, red, on the right," Barden said again, reiterating the position on his forehead.

"Have a done this whole interview [like this]," Craig said, laughing. He then got out of the frame to check it out for himself.

"You know what it was… they've sent me this wonderful ring flash which I've set up with an iPad in the middle of it and it just fell on my head just before," Craig said as he and Bardem erupted into more laughter.

He continued: "This is 17 years playing Bond. Can you see how accident prone I am? No wonder I get f****** injured every time I do a movie!"

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People took to the comments to make jokes, with some saying this was the best thing they saw all day.

"17 years playing Bond, and a ring light almost takes him out. Scary times, these are," someone wrote.

"Watching this earlier on made my morning," another added.

A third added: "What I love about this is Daniel Craig's first thought is that it's maybe a piece of sandwich on his head… why would there be a sandwich on his head."

Someone else jokingly said that they didn't believe Craig's explanation of what happened and wrote: Not buying it, he's been jumping off cranes again."

Check out other reactions below:

Regardless, we can all use a friend like Bardem, who takes a moment to ask what's going on with us, even if it was a little late.

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