Dave Portnoy, the founder of media company Barstool Sports, sent Trump supporters into a frenzy las week when he posted a picture with Twitter CEOJack Dorsey, who banned the former president from the network.

Now, Portnoy has hit back on a podcast that he co-hosts alongside Chicago Eddie, where he said the meetup was an actual “full-on dinner” and he has no regrets despite Trump fans calling him a ‘traitor’.

“People were big mad—and my Instagram mentions, and a little Twitter mentions like you’re a ‘traitor,’ ‘people are so f*****g political,’ he continued.

“They’re mad, you know, the Trump crowd, because he kicked Trump off Twitter so like he’s a ‘traitor,’ ‘he’s going to pay’ and all that jazz,” he added about the comments he received.

“Like dude, I don’t care, he’s [Jack Dorsey] obviously a genius, and I’m interested…”

The former president was suspended from Twitter in January after inciting the insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6. He had over 88.7 million followers.

Portnoy said that he and Dorsey got along, and said he was relieved that the social media boss is a huge Bitcoin guy.

“[Dorsey] actually said, if he could like get a job where you know he is working Bitcoin full time, he’s so confident in it he’d like stop everything else and just work on Bitcoin,” he said.

“He is as bullish on Bitcoin as anybody I’ve ever heard,” he added.

“This guy is pro, pro, pro-Bitcoin.”

Check out the full video below.

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