David Cameron goes on Radio 1, gets mauled by a group of young people

Forget Evan Davis, Andrew Neil or Emily Maitlis, David Cameron has faced his toughest BBC interview yet - from a group of young listeners on Radio 1's Live Lounge.

The prime minister took part in a half hour Q&A with a group of young people where he was relentlessly grilled on issues like the LGBT community, the SNP and the "tampon tax".

Presenter Chris Smith even offered Mr Cameron a £1,000 wager that he would not win a majority at the election (an offer he did not decide to take him up on).

However, his biggest problem came with the living wage. After a particularly heated exchange with April from West London, in which the prime minister was repeatedly pressed on whether he would like to see a living wage introduced and if he could live off £6.50 an hour (the minimum wage), he became really unstuck when Smith asked him about one crucial piece of information.

Here's a brief transcript:

You do know how much the living wage is don't you?

  • Chris Smith
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