People are sharing this painful David Cameron quote on health and safety

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An article has resurfaced on Twitter quoting former Prime Minister David Cameron promising to ‘Kill off safety culture” in Britain.

The article was written in January 2012 but has been brought to people's attention in light of the recent tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

Twitter personality and writer for Joe.co.uk, @hrtbps, tweeted the article with the caption:

This hasn’t aged well, has it? @David Cameron?

In the article Cameron describes health and safety regulation as becoming an:

Albatross around the neck of British businesses.

He goes on to say:

I want 2012 to go down in history not just as Olympics year or diamond Jubilee year, but the year we get a lot of this pointless time-wasting out of the British economy and British life once and for all.

So far the tweet has received 1,423 retweets and 1,525 likes.

The tweet adds to the growing debate over government regulations and health and safety following the Grenfell tower fire.

It has prompted a mixture of responses.

Some were outraged:

Whereas others were more understanding:

One person claimed regulations need to be considered more closely:

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