There's a big difference between Donald Trump and President Trump

Twitter/Ron Sach-Pool/Getty Images

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish there was more of Donald Trump on Twitter," it's likely you're not a caffeine addicted journalist.

But there's actually two: Trump the President, and Trump the businessman.

And they're very different on Twitter.

Take for example, the two Trumps' takes their most recent spurt of hatred for the New York Times.

President Trump said:

While Trump said:

On the failed Trumpcare hearing last week, Trump said:

President Trump said:


On a cabinet meeting earlier this month, President Trump wrote:

While Trump had a bit of a different slant on it:

On International Women's Day, both accounts said the same thing:

That's just worth adding in for comedic value.

Trump said this about Obama allegedly "wire-tapping" him:

Surprisingly, president Trump said nothing.

On 3 March, the president was in good spirits:

But Trump wasn't having such a good day:

On Feb 23, the President tweeted:

And Trump tweeted:

Just when you thought one Trump was enough...

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