Oh no! Dolly Parton’s TikTok ‘debut’ was a doctored fake

Oh no! Dolly Parton’s TikTok ‘debut’ was a doctored fake

We were so excited to see legendary country singer Dolly Parton’s TikTok debut that most of us didn’t stop to ask whether it was real.

Well folks, we have bad news.

Parton appeared to make a debut appearance on her apparent TikTok account over the weekend. But now, it’s been revealed that the video was a doctored clip from her archives.

In the clip, the star saunters into the frame adorned with a colorful piano and guitar with a greeting within the video.

“Well, hello. I guess I’m on TikTok! I just dropped in to say that everything’s going to be OK, you keep the faith, and to remind you that I’ll be on tonight reading you a story at seven o’clock Eastern time.”

Afterwards, it turned into a musical as she continued to sing the words to her 2017 children’s album I Believe In You.

“If I can do it, so can you. [...] I believe in you!” she said in the video.

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The profile quickly got hundreds of thousands of followers within hours of being published. However, it has since been removed from the platform.

In conversation with TODAY, a spokesperson for Parton confirmed that the page was not an official account for the singer and that the clip was modified.

The spokesperson noted that an unverified TikToker had obtained an old video from Parton’s Imagination Library website and altered the video.

With the information in hand, Parton fans began to realise that the story she was talking about reading at 7 pm ET was, in fact, a fragment from an old Imagination Library video.

TikTok has also provided a statement about the incident and confirmed that the video was removed because it violated the community guidelines around impersonation.

Despite the hopes and dreams of another legend joining the world of TikTok begin to crumble down, it’s safe to say that the person who edited the video did a quality job of making something look real.

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