Someone gave Donald Trump the worst Christmas present, and he loved it

Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla / Staff

The President of the United States is a fan of Twitter. That's an undeniable fact. He has said in the past that it's the only way he can get the real Trump message out there, without it being misinterpreted.

As the President stepped off Air Force One in Florida on Friday, he was greeted by supporters.

It seems that one of them was a big fan of his tweets, as they were holding a sign that read:

President Trump keep on tweeting!

Mr Trump was very impressed.

CNN captured the moment the sign was presented to him:

The President even grabbed the sign and held it up triumphantly to show everyone.

Donald Trump's approval rating has slid to record lows in recent weeks, with his net rating remaining in negative numbers:

But at least someone likes his tweets?

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